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Casa cu Cerb is situated in the medieval fortress of Sighisoara. Monument is categorized. The name is due to exterior wall painting, representing a deer in size, and head trophy mounted on the wall. Cerb house is one of the oldest buildings in the Castle and the most interesting in terms of architecture. During the time he suffered numerous and profound changes, from the rudimentary wooden house (XIII th) to form complex in the final section. XVII and preserved until today. In all this time, the Casa cu Cerb destination of payments. It was inhabited by people with high-function administrative or judicial clerical / religious. Between 1997-2001 the Casa cu Cerb was restored and fully competent in care Messerschmitt Foundation in Munich, the first destination of cultural Roman german.

Accommodation in guest rooms equipped modern: 1-2 beds, bathroom, telephone, television.

Casa cu Cerb is ideal for serving meals in the medieval fortress..

Our terrace offers an impressive medieval fortress on.

If you have any questions please contact us at +40 265 774625 or